In her magnum opus Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand is revealing an idea on how to fight tyranny that very few libertarians and an-caps understand. The way to effectively fight tyranny is not by resisting it, but by giving in.

In the beautiful novel, the first to understand the consequences of libertarian philosophy are some of the smartest: John Galt, Daneshold and Fransisco, as well as their philosophy teacher.

The consequences of a rational philosophy are, among other things, that you allow other people to experience the consequences of their choices.

Libertarians all over the world are trying to change existing societies. To all who will listen, I will say, you cannot win by fighting. Please give up the fight, you’re not helping the cause of freedom, you’re hurting it–a lot.

For example, what happened with USSR? They tried communism, and experienced that it didn’t work like their theory suggested. It didn’t become paradise just because the government dictated everything. So these days, they are not as eager to “live for the benefit of others”.

Let me give a hypothetical example. What if Rand or Ron Paul was elected, today, to become president of the US. What would happen to the cause of freedom in the long term?

Well, with the debt situation in the US, the economy of the country would collapse. If Paul’s ideas was implemented, there would be a recession within a month. The recession would be horrendous, because of all the mistakes done the last decades. All these mistakes would be revealed, and people would suffer. There is no way that the debt of 18 trillion could not be paid back, much less the unfunded liabilities of 200 trillion.

So all the skeletons in the closet would come out, because the seemingly rational thing to do is to clean up the balance sheets of different entities.
However, we would get a full scale depression much worse that 1930 when this bubble pops, and it would pop very fast if libertarian principles were used.

What would the US populations reaction to this be? They wouldn’t want to try freedom for the next 200 years, because of the damage done.

If the US is a person, he would be like a 87 year old guy with lung cancer and a pacemaker, and you’re trying to push him out of the bed to run in a marathon. It cannot work. Let the US die in his bed or at least let the people there do their own experiment. Let the politicians have their way in the US. There’s nothing you can do to save that corpse.

By resisting politicians libertarians are ensuring that the people don’t get to experience the consequences of their choices. Every kid have to experience first hand that when you put your hand on a hot stove, you get burnt. We as libertarians should not fight the politicians, we should leave them alone or encourage them.

When the politicians say minimum wage should be 10 dollars, we should encourage them to go for it, while we’re building a place with no minimum wage.

When the politicians say inflation should be 2 percent, we should say “yeah!” and build something new using Bitcoin and PMs.

When the politicians say that libertarians are crazy, we should say “yeah, we’re so crazy we’re leaving!”.

Leave the country, and let people experience how things work when we’re not around.

We’re not meant to fight this battle. Let reality do the fighting for you.

Get out while you can, there’s still a little time to get your house in order… outside the borders of insanity.