At what point will you say that enough is enough?

Professional traders know that when it comes to making money, the most important part of the game is not to lose.
If you lose money, it’s much harder to get it back. That’s why traders have sayings like: Trend is your friend.
Don’t catch a falling knife. Cut your losses short, let your profits run.

Good traders also have an exit strategy. Before they enter a trade, they decide when to get out. It might be a long term trade, but if at some point the exit is hit, then it’s time to pull out to save the capital.

These lessons can be used in many parts of life, and they can be very valuable.
If you find yourself in relationships that hold you down, it might be a good idea to cut the losses.
On the other hand, if you find a relationship that’s strengthening you, that gives you a continual win-win situation, then stick with it. Let your winners run, cut your losses short.

The same principle goes for societies. I have exit strategies. I have options when things go bad. I don’t hope and pray that things will turn out good in my country of origin. I know it’s not the best country in the world, just like I know there’s no single product that’s better than all other products in the world. Different countries have different strengths and weaknesses.

Before I had options, I was very worried. The gravest danger I faced was not that society collapses or that liberty is taken away, the biggest danger was that I didn’t have an exit strategy. I have never had control over the political system, leaving me vulnerable to other men’s decisions. But by having my exit strategy, which is 100% in my hands, I’ve taken a lot of the potential harm away from those who could hurt me.

I started simply, spending a few minutes getting some totally basic backup in place.

Sample exit steps:
– Buy 1 bitcoin and 10 oz silver. This is a small step to exit the financial system, to have a little backup.
– Try to rent an apartment using airbnb for a weekend. This is to get familiar with how that system works.
– Look at prices for traveling to a country nearby. No need to buy a ticket immediately, just look at the prices for different countries and let your imagination take you on a trip of enjoyment. Often you can take the bus or a train, and it doesn’t have to cost much at all. Use Google maps and street view to see how it looks.
– Download a dictionary app to your phone. If you can speak English and have a dictionary on your phone, you can navigate almost all countries in the world.
– Read Tim Farris “4 hour work week”

These goals can be achieved within a month. Many small steps leads to covering a great distance. I’m not great at achieving big goals in one gulp. But when I take many small steps, they add up to a great sum fairly quickly. One step per day is 30 steps per month. 30 small goals reached towards a conscious goal can make a huge difference.

Instead of condemning the “sheep” in society who don’t think, I’ve taken action to protect myself.
My life and my happiness is not dependent on how people vote, or how smart they are in understanding economics. Such ground for happiness is very fragile.
My happiness is dependent on my actions.
It works for me. I suggest trying it.