My life used to suck. I was a libertarian who was debating “everyone” I met, trying to convince people about the horrors of the current system. After years of fighting, winning tiny battles and losing the war, I figured that it was hopeless. So I decided to try something new. I went abroad.

Did it change my life? Or was it the same old same old, just another government?

To those who have not tried living for years abroad, I can from the top of my intellect strongly recommend it. It’s not just better, it’s a different world. In me, it made a huge mental shift. I don’t get upset when I see police violence anymore, or at least not much. I don’t follow politics anymore… because it doesn’t affect me significantly anymore. The bureaucrats can implement whatever tax laws they want, they can kill people, steal people’s money… it doesn’t affect me.

It’s not because I’m a superman (…or maybe I am?), it’s because I’m following a strategy. The strategy has been working for hundreds of thousands of years, and those who use it wisely have harvested an abundant life.

The strategy is called exit.

An exit point is the most important thing you can have when you invest. It’s the most important thing when you take education, when you eat, when you set goals, when you go for a walk. You start with the end; the exit, in mind. This brings clarity to the mind, because the way the mind works, it needs to work toward a goal to be effective.

At what point is your home country so bad that you will tell yourself “OK, I get it, this is not working. I need to get out.”

At what point do you choose the better route, the exit?

  • When 20% of your money is taken from you? At 40%? How about 75%?
  • When the police is killing 100 people per month, or do they need to get to 10 000 per month before you choose exit?
  • When there’s thousands of SWAT attacks per year, or when you personally have lost your own dog and perhaps a baby?
  • When the NSA is collecting all your data, or only when the data is used against you?
  • Or maybe you never exit? Is you plan to go down with the ship? Or perhaps hope, pray and vote that everything will get better in 2016 or 2020?

Most libertarians don’t want to think about the implications of these and similar questions. Like I used to be, they are delusional, just a bit less delusional than everyone else. I used to be the same way, because I saw that if I kept on asking these questions, they would seriously challenge me, and my mind would not allow me to go on like I used to do. I didn’t want to change my routines, my friends… And how was I going to do financially? I didn’t even have a job, and I was in debt.

It’s so much easier to blame the government. It’s so much easier to claim that I’m not successful because these stupid bureaucrats are setting up barriers. “It’s not my fault I’m not successful, it’s the politicians!”

The difficult thing is to look in the mirror and say: “This is how reality is. There’s a lot of enemies that want to eat me in the world. There are sharks, mosquitoes, bureaucrats, police and voters. How can I live my life to the fullest extent possible, and how can I build a better society? How can I take control over my life, and not give that control over to politicians?”

These questions were tearing me apart on the inside; I saw things I didn’t like in myself, and the anger was there to protect those parts of me. Eventually I figured that I couldn’t blame anyone but the person in the mirror. It’s all up to me. I can give up, I can give in and surrender to anger of the political system and refuse to think. Or I can keep my brain functioning, think rationally, take the blame for my own actions and change them as I go.

I’m very glad I haven’t stopped thinking for long. Even though it at times is very painful, so painful I have been crying many times, I have refused to stop thinking, and I refuse to stop feeling as well. Pain is there to send me a message, and I need to listen to that message.

Joy is also sending a message, a message that “you’re doing something right”. And I’ve gotten a lot of those messages. I’m freer than most people. I can work as much or little as I want. And the work I do, I do for myself. If I succeed, I get to keep the benefits. If I lose, I get to keep the lesson. I control my own money, my own body and my own mind. I don’t have a paycheck, so it’s very difficult for any bureaucrats to steal any of my stuff. I found that investing time in my mind was not a taxable event, so instead of making a lot of money in the short term, I gained experience and understanding. I got to keep 100% of those. Then the understanding can be used later to make more. Now I tell people: “I don’t care much about politics. If they write a law that says all money belongs to the government, I just pack my bag and go to another country.”

Today I was walking on the beach. It was beautiful weather, and I was feeling very happy about the quality of my work lately. As I was walking and watching the waves, I was thinking about a new system of floating on a seastead, I’ve figured a way to eliminate the up-down effect of waves at a very low price, and the experiment to see if it works can be done for around 10 dollars.

I’ve also been thinking about buying farmland for next to nothing in a poor country. There’s something called permaculture, what it means is that you get food from a farm, but you don’t need to do a lot of work. It produces food for you automatically. Sounds good for when the next financial crisis hits.


I’ve found that taking the route less traveled, the exit, has been the best decision in my life. I am happier than I dreamed possible; deeply satisfied with my life. And when I’m happy, I’m letting go of it, I don’t need to hold it, because as long as I keep using my brain and not lie to myself and deny reality, the happiness is always there. When I shut my mind off, when I refuse to see, then dissatisfaction starts creeping up on me immediately.

All life is asking, is that you set up an exit in your mind; a goal if you want, and take many tiny steps in that direction, make small mistakes, fall and learn, get back up and keep taking more small steps.

Come with me, my libertarian friend. There’s nothing stopping you but your fear. Life is wonderful out here, you and I can build a new society together. You don’t need to fight the bureaucrats. You don’t need to vote for Rand Paul. You don’t need to record the police. You don’t need to be angry. You don’t need to protest. You don’t need to convince others you’re right. You don’t need to annoy your friends. Come with me, life is beautiful here outside of the prison.